Now that Twelfth Night is behind us and Carnival is upon us, there is much that can be said about the hazards that exist on the roads. After all, with the numbers of people on the road after the holidays, and with the influx of tourists, the potential for an accident is greater than ever.

Don’t forget, drivers tend to be more aggressive during the holidays, a recent new study on traffic conducted by the University of Alabama found. And in New Orleans, the holiday season simply doesn’t end with Christmas.

This means that drivers across New Orleans and throughout the region must be careful while behind the wheel. This means that drivers should avoid talking on new cell phones received on Christmas Day and they must limit alcohol consumption (A blood alcohol content BAC of .08 percent) while behind the wheel can result in a crime being charged.

Being responsible for an accident can leave the driver liable for an injured party’s medical expenses, pain and suffering as well as lost wages. Not to mention when faced with a DUI, a driver may be faced with numerous legal issues. 

We wish our readers and their families a happy Mardi Gras season, and should you need our services, we are here for you anytime. Whether you are involved in a DUI, or are injured in anyway during the Carnival Season, you can contact our firm for quick and effective assistance. 

Twelfth Night 2014, NOLA.

About the Author: James C. Lawrence, Jr. is the founder of J.C. Lawrence and Associates, LLC and has represented clients in private practice since 1984. With his background as a public defender and 33-years of trial experience, Mr. Lawrence is a consummate legal professional who can represent clients in a wide variety of legal matters. Mr. Lawrence is perhaps best known for the recent Zeitoun’s trial, and has been successful in winning numerous criminal and civil cases, involving homicide, DUI/DWI, wrongful death, personal injury, auto collision, and others.