On January 9, 2014 NOLA.com featured an article on how for the second year in a row, state Rep. Henry Burns, R-Haughton, has filed legislation to do away with a state law that bars off-duty law enforcement officers from carrying firearms into alcoholic beverage outlets, defined as any establishment where alcohol is served for consumption on the premises.

In other words, Mr. Burns believes that law enforcement officers are somehow entitled to greater rights when they are off duty versus the average citizen. As a man of the law, and a criminal defense attorney for over 30 years, I cannot help but see this as unnecessary and a threat to our community.

Under current law, only law enforcement officers "acting in the performance of ... official duties," may openly carry firearms in such establishments. Let your self be heard, sound off on twitter, and tell Mr. Burns that this bill is wrong! #nothanksMrBurns

Source: http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2014/01/gun_rights_2nd_amendment_polic.html#comments


About the Author: James C. Lawrence, Jr. is the founder of J.C. Lawrence and Associates, LLC and has represented clients in private practice since 1984. With his background as a public defender and 33-years of trial experience, Mr. Lawrence is a consummate legal professional who can represent clients in a wide variety of legal matters. Mr. Lawrence is perhaps best known for the recent Zeitoun’s trial, and has been successful in winning numerous criminal and civil cases, involving homicide, DUI/DWI, wrongful death, personal injury, auto collision, and others.