The candidates for the at-large, Division 2 seat on the New Orleans City Council each talk about goals such as economic development and infrastructure improvement in the campaign for the Feb. 1 election. All three, however, list crime first.

Mark Waller of, writes the following synopsis of candidates statements:

Cynthia Hedge-Morrell, 66, a former educator and school administrator who is seeking to move from the District D seat to the citywide office, cites her two sons who work as police officers and said addressing crime is what initially drove her to seek elected office shortly before Hurricane Katrina. Criminal defense attorney Jason Williams, 41, talks about his younger children and worrying about their growing up and venturing into a high-crime city. Ernest "Freddie" Charbonnet, 59, a civil attorney who served as an interim council member in 2012, said the city must immediately start addressing a shortage of police officers.

At this office, the sentiment is this; J.C. Lawrence thinks that although crime is important, he would like the candidates to discuss job creation, and more importantly job creation for local people. Crime is driven down by jobs, and high employment rate means a healthy city.