Icy rain is as dangerous, if not more dangerous than driving on snow. This winter has been colder than usual creating for very dangerous driving conditions.  Dangerous driving conditions lead to more and more car accidents.

We want to share with our readers these helpful tips on what to do if you get into a car accident.

  1. Do not admit fault
  2. Do not disclose the limits of your insurance policy
  3. Do get a police report/ report the incident/ call 911 if needed
  4. If you have sustained ANY injury, have it checked out by a medical professional
  5. Stay at the scene in a safe place to gather information/ do not put yourself in harms way
  6. Do contact an attorney if you sustained injury and have your case evaluated with a free consultation/ understand your rights 
  7. Insurance companies will attempt to settle the case before you have a chance to seek an attorney, be mindful of this fact           

Information to gather following an accident from the other party:


  1. Damage (vehicles and/or property)
  2. Accident scene (road conditions/skid marks/debris in roadway/vehicle positions)
  3. Accident scene location identifiers (intersection/address/exit number)
  4. Identification (clear photos of insurance cards, license plates, etc.)


  1. Names, phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses of all occupants, including the number of occupants in the other car(s)
  2. Names, phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses of all potential witnesses
  3. Location (intersection/address/exit number)
  4. Company name, policy number and phone number for other insurance companies
  5. If emergency services respond: police department, police report number, phone number, officer name, badge number, ambulance company, fire department