New Orleans Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorneys, J.C. Lawrence and Associates, LLC

Practice Areas

Serving clients in New Orleans, Louisiana and its vicinity, J.C. Lawrence and Associates, LLC delivers comprehensive, effective legal services to those who need a tough, experienced lawyer on their side. As a general practice law firm, our skilled attorneys navigate the complex legal system to handle the wide variety of legal issues that our clients face. In every case, our objective is to achieve the most favorable outcome possible and to protect your rights under the laws of Louisiana and the United States.

Our Practice Areas

The New Orleans attorneys at J.C. Lawrence and Associates, LLC bring decades of legal experience to your case and always put your needs first. We have earned a reputation as dedicated defenders of the rights of our clients. Some of the areas that our attorneys regularly handle include:

Our attorneys are recognized leaders in their fields with a long track record of successful outcomes. For example, our New Orleans personal injury attorneys have secured significant monetary settlements on behalf of our clients, including one settlement for $6 million. We are not afraid to fight for your rights in front of a jury to obtain a just outcome. When warranted, we will negotiate vigorously to settle your case before it goes to trial.

For those facing criminal prosecution, you will not face this difficult time alone as our attorneys will do everything possible to help you avoid conviction. As former public defenders and district attorneys, we understand the criminal justice system from both sides of the fence. We have extensive experience handling felonies, misdemeanors and federal criminal court cases. We will leverage our background and experience to help you explore your options, build a defense, negotiate a plea bargain, minimize penalties or otherwise achieve the best possible result.

The Client Experience

No matter what legal problem you face, a New Orleans attorney at J.C. Lawrence and Associates, LLC will act as a vigorous advocate on your behalf. Call us today to learn how we can help you to resolve your legal issues in a quick, cost-effective and positive way.