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Civil Rights Litigation

If your fundamental rights are violated by law enforcement or another government entity, you can take action to seek recourse and protect those rights. In many cases, you can recover compensation for the violation of your rights.

Civil rights cases can, however, be very complicated. A lawsuit filed against a government entity or official raises unique challenges as government agencies and individual government workers may have certain immunities that protect them from lawsuits. Because of the complications inherent in civil rights litigation, it is very important to consult with an experienced New Orleans civil rights lawyer to learn more about your options and potential claims.

Examples of Civil Rights Litigation

Civil rights litigation can arise when your fundamental civil liberties are violated in some way. These cases may involve a violation of your personal rights as guaranteed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These rights are the most essential and important of protections and a civil rights violation can be a major affront to your liberty and your position as a free and equal citizen of the United States.

Civil rights litigation can encompass a variety of types of cases. Typically, these cases involve situations where law enforcement has used excessive force or otherwise abridged the protections provided against unreasonable searches and seizures, self-incrimination or cruel and unusual punishment.  If you are denied the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, or due process, your civil rights may have been violated. 

How Our New Orleans Civil Rights Lawyers Can Help

The dedicated civil rights lawyers at J.C. Lawrence and Associates, LLC have represented countless clients who have been victimized by civil rights violations. We can pursue your case in state court or federal court and we are not afraid to file a claim against the government.

To learn more about how we can assist you in your civil rights case, contact one of our New Orleans civil rights attorneys today.