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If you have been accused of burglary in Louisiana, it is important to consult with a New Orleans criminal defense lawyer to learn what the charges mean for you and how you can defend yourself against them.  Under Louisiana law, different types of burglary charges carry varying degrees of severity. In general, burglary is a felony charge and if found guilty, you will go to jail.

At J.C. Lawrence and Associates, our trained New Orleans criminal defense lawyers can address any type of burglary charge. We will raise all available defenses, negotiate a plea bargain or argue your case at trial, taking the necessary steps to avoid conviction or minimize the penalties you face.

Why You Need a New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer in Your Burglary Case

In Louisiana, burglary is defined as “unlawful entry into a structure with intent to commit a crime inside.” Burglary may include:

  • Simple burglary - entering a dwelling without authority to commit a felony or theft.
  • Aggravated burglary - entering a dwelling with intent to commit a felony while armed with a weapon. You also can be charged with aggravated burglary if you commit a battery inside the building or arm yourself while inside.
  • Unauthorized entry of a critical infrastructure - such as entering a structure or premises that is deemed a critical infrastructure that is enclosed with a barrier. This could include entering a water intake structure or a chemical manufacturing facility.
  • Simple burglary of a pharmacy - this includes entering a pharmacy, hospital or doctor’s office.
  • Simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling - such as a home, apartment or other structure where someone lives.
  • Unauthorized entry into a place of business - entering a place of business without permission.

These are just a few examples of burglary offenses in Louisiana. Other burglary crimes result from entering a religious dwelling, entering a dwelling during an emergency or disaster, or entering an emergency or law enforcement vehicle. The penalties for burglary offenses can range from one year of incarceration to thirty years or more of prison time depending on the type of building or dwelling entered, your actions once inside and whether someone is injured during the burglary.

Contact a New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer at J.C. Lawrence and Associates

Burglary differs from other types of crimes because burglary often occurs in an empty building or uninhabited location or after hours when no witnesses are present. The lack of eye witnesses can lead to false accusations, mistaken identity and weak evidence against you.  The New Orleans criminal defense lawyers at J.C. Lawrence and Associates will explore all possible defenses and present the strongest defense to your charges in court.

To determine the best arguments for your defense, to build the strongest possible case for trial or to negotiate the most advantageous plea-bargain, contact the skilled New Orleans criminal defense lawyers at J.C. Lawrence and Associates.  Our attorneys, many of whom are former public defenders, have helped many clients contest burglary charges. We will guide you through the criminal process and help you to achieve the best possible outcome. To learn more, contact our law firm today.