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Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence refers to any type of violence or assault against someone in your home or with whom you have a familial or romantic relationship. Domestic violence, for example, may be committed against your spouse, the mother of your child or your significant other. While commonly thought of as violence by a man against a woman, domestic violence charges do not only encompass this type of abuse. Domestic violence can be perpetrated by a man against a man, a woman against a woman, or a woman against a man.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you will need a knowledgeable legal advocate to represent you. At J.C. Lawrence and Associates, our New Orleans criminal defense attorneys have successfully defended many clients accused of domestic violence and we can assist you in defending your case.

Why You Need a New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer to Defend Your Domestic Violence Charge

When you are charged with domestic violence, you may face a multitude of related criminal charges, including assault and battery, sexual assault or even attempted murder. Depending on the severity of the alleged abuse, you could face a misdemeanor or a felony conviction, and you could be sent to jail.  If convicted, you also may lose your right to own or possess a gun.

Domestic violence also has consequences beyond a criminal conviction. In many cases, the mere accusation of domestic violence can be used to obtain a restraining order against you, preventing you from seeing your spouse or kids. Domestic violence charges can even be used against you in divorce cases, putting access to your children risk.

Domestic violence cases often present special challenges because of the family relationship involved and the consequences of conviction. Some accusations are false while others are exaggerated.  Alleged victims often change their story. Prosecutors may proceed with the case against you without the cooperation and support of the alleged victim in certain cases if they believe there is sufficient evidence to find you guilty.

The potential penalties and special circumstances involved in domestic violence cases make it important to retain a New Orleans criminal defense attorney who understands the intricacies of a domestic violence accusation.  The attorneys at J.C. Lawrence and Associates are uniquely qualified to defend domestic violence charges and we have achieved successful outcomes for many clients. Let us put our legal skills and experience to work to help you achieve the best possible result in your situation.

Contact the New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyers at J.C. Lawrence and Associates

Our New Orleans criminal defense attorneys can help you defend against domestic violence charges. One strategy is to demonstrate that the prosecution has not met its burden of proving that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Other potential defenses include self-defense and false accusations.  Your New Orleans criminal defense attorney will assess whether these or other defenses may be a viable option in your case. If these defenses are not available, plea bargaining may be another way to minimize the penalties you face.

To learn more about your options in defending domestic violence charges or to get help from experienced New Orleans criminal defense attorneys who know how to handle domestic violence cases, contact J.C. Lawrence and Associates for assistance today.