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Murder and Attempted Murder

When you are accused of any crime, it is important to contact a New Orleans criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. This advice is especially true when you are accused of murder or attempted murder. A murder conviction can result in a life jail sentence or even a death sentence.

If you have been accused of murder or attempted murder, you need the toughest, most experienced attorney available to defend you. Not every defense attorney has handled murder cases and you do not want to turn your case over to a rookie.  J.C. Lawrence and Associates’ New Orleans criminal defense lawyers can help you to present the strongest defense available.  As former prosecutors and public defenders, we have unique insight into the New Orleans criminal justice system and bring practical experience to handling criminal trials.

Why You Need a New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer When Facing Murder Charges

Murder is the unlawful killing of another human being.  Attempted murder refers to unsuccessfully trying to take someone’s life. An attempted murder charge, for example, could be brought if you shoot another person but the victim survives or if you try to strangle someone to death but they escape. Most murder cases are considered state crimes but, in certain situations, may be brought under federal law.

When you are charged with murder, the charges may vary in degree. For example, if you are charged with first degree murder, your conviction may lead to a sentence of life in prison or death. You can be charged with first degree murder in certain situations such as when the murder took place while you were committing a felony.

If you are charged with first degree murder, you may face the death penalty in Louisiana.  Second degree murder, on the other hand, is a less serious charge but one that still results in a life sentence. 

Because the penalties of a murder conviction or attempted murder conviction are so serious, you need a highly skilled criminal trial attorney.  You should contact a New Orleans criminal defense attorney as soon as you are under investigation for murder and before speaking to law enforcement.

Contact a New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney for Help Defending Murder Charges

At J.C. Lawrence and Associates, our New Orleans criminal defense lawyers bring the insight and aggressiveness that comes from defending many murder trials in both state and federal court.  We will assist you in exploring possible defenses to the charges, including false accusations, mistaken identity, lack of evidence, self defense, or lack of intent. When appropriate, we will work to get your charges dropped, obtain a not guilty verdict or negotiate a plea bargain to lesser charges. The appropriate course of action will depend upon the circumstances of your case as well as the strength of the evidence against you.

To learn more about how the dedicated New Orleans criminal defense lawyers at J.C. Lawrence and Associates can help you defend charges for murder or attempted murder, contact us today.