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Federal Drug Crimes

New Orleans criminal defense lawyers represent clients facing drug charges every day. Often, the drug charges are brought under state law. For example, simple possession of drugs or of drug paraphernalia is illegal in New Orleans and if arrested, you will be prosecuted under Louisiana law.  If you are incarcerated for those crimes, you will be sent to a state prison.

On the other hand, certain drug crimes may be prosecuted under federal drug laws. Federal drug crimes are extremely serious and if you are found guilty, you may face a lengthy term of incarceration, or even life in federal prison. Because of the serious potential consequences, if you are accused of a federal drug crime, it is imperative to consult with New Orleans criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible.  At J.C. Lawrence and Associates, our skilled New Orleans criminal defense lawyers have represented many clients facing federal drug charges. We have the knowledge, dedication and experience to vigorously defend your federal drug charges.

Why You Need a New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer for Federal Drug Crime Charges

Federal drug crimes are established through the Controlled Substances Act.  Examples of federal drug crimes include:

  • Drug trafficking.  Drug trafficking refers to manufacturing, possessing with the intent to distribute, or distributing controlled substances. You do not have to be caught selling drugs to be found guilty of drug trafficking. If you possess large enough quantities of controlled substances, it may be assumed that you are involved in drug trafficking.
  • Importing/exporting drugs. If you bring drugs into the United States from across the border or if you move drugs across state lines, these activities are considered to be serious drug offenses.
  • Drug-related tax charges. Drug dealing often involves money laundering or tax evasion.
  • Using the postal service to transport illegal drugs. Use of the U.S. mail can make the transport of drugs a federal crime.
  • Prescription drug trafficking. The abuse of prescription drugs has become a serious problem and those involved in writing illegal prescriptions or the sale of prescription drugs on the black market may be guilty of a federal crime.
  • RICO cases. If you are involved in organized crime related to drug trafficking, you can face RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) charges.

These are just a few examples of the types of wrongful activities that can be considered federal drug crimes. In some cases, activities related to controlled substances are illegal under both state and federal law. In these instances, it may be at the discretion of the prosecuting authorities to determine whether you will be prosecuted under federal law or state law.

Defending Your Federal Drug Charge with the Help of New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorneys

Not all New Orleans criminal defense attorneys possess the experience needed to represent clients facing federal drug charges. At J.C. Lawrence and Associates, our New Orleans criminal defense lawyers have defended many federal drug cases in federal court. We understand the federal rules of evidence and the high stakes involved in federal drug crimes cases. We use our legal expertise and experience to explore all of your options and build the best possible defense.

To learn more about how our New Orleans criminal defense attorneys can help you defend your federal drug charges, contact us today.