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Family Law

Family relationships can be tough and despite your best efforts, at some point, you may need to take legal action with the help of a New Orleans divorce lawyer.  In such cases, you need a family law lawyer who understands the nuances of Louisiana law and will treat your case with sensitivity, discretion and understanding.

At J.C. Lawrence and Associates, we know how important the stakes are in your divorce, child custody dispute, adoption or other family law case. We understand that emotions will be high and we will give your case the dedicated attention that it deserves. We will guide you through the legal process, advise you on options and communicate with you regularly during the course of your case, always keeping your needs at the forefront.

Our Knowledgeable New Orleans Divorce Lawyers and Family Law Attorneys Know How to Lesson the Stress During Difficult Times

Many family law situations can arise that require legal help from a family law attorney. For example, you may need to consult a New Orleans divorce attorney when:

  • Your spouse has filed for divorce
  • You are considering filing for divorce
  • You are not receiving child or spousal support as required by your divorce settlement
  • You are involved in a child custody dispute
  • You are adopting a child either domestically or internationally
  • You need to modify the terms of your divorce decree
  • You need to create a will or trust or otherwise make future plans for your estate

In each of these cases, stress levels on all sides may run high. A skilled, trustworthy New Orleans family law attorney will work to reduce the impact of the legal process on you as you make the difficult decisions that arise in any family law matter.  Your New Orleans divorce lawyers will explain the protections provided by Louisiana law and take steps to enforce your rights and achieve your goals. 

Many clients need to keep an eye on the costs associated with a divorce, custody dispute or other family law matter. At J.C. Lawrence and Associates, we aim to provide top-notch legal representation at an affordable price so those involved in family law matters can get the representation and guidance they need.

Skilled Guidance from New Orleans Divorce Lawyers and Family Law Attorneys

At J.C. Lawrence and Associates, we will effectively and compassionately guide you through any type of family law matter. We will sit down with you to discuss your ultimate goals and work through the process to help you secure the best possible result.  Whether you choose to pursue an out-of-court divorce settlement, parenting plan, collaborative divorce, divorce mediation, custody hearing or other course of action, our New Orleans divorce attorneys and family law attorneys will try to keep things amicable while helping you to achieve a favorable outcome.

To learn more about how our New Orleans divorce attorneys and family law attorneys can help you with your family law matter, contact us today.